July 15, 2024

Alta Yousef

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How Ride Sharing Drivers Can Make Over K Per Month

How Ride Sharing Drivers Can Make Over $10K Per Month


Ride sharing is a competitive industry. There’s no doubt about it. But if you’re willing to put in the effort and have some basic knowledge of supply and demand, then you can make over $10K per month as a driver. In this article, we’ll break down exactly how that’s possible!

How Ride Sharing Drivers Can Make Over K Per Month

Drive For Multiple Carriers

If you want to make more money as a ride sharing driver, then I would recommend driving for multiple companies. There are many ride sharing companies out there that will pay you more than Uber or Lyft and they all have different rates. This means that if you drive for all the top rated companies, then your earnings can add up quickly!

One of my friends has been driving with three different apps over the last few months and he has made over $10K per month! He has done this by being an “independent contractor” who works on his own schedule and chooses which jobs he wants to accept or reject. Most drivers work 40 hours per week (if they’re lucky), so if this sounds like something that interests you then keep reading!

Use a Proprietary Tool to Predict Your Earnings Potential

A proprietary tool that tracks your earnings and helps you predict your earnings potential is an essential part of any ride sharing driver’s toolkit. The best ones are easy to use, provide accurate information, and allow you to customize your search based on what matters most to you.

The most common way that these tools work is by integrating with the apps of the major ride sharing companies (Uber, Lyft) and pulling in data about the jobs that have been requested by riders and accepted by drivers. That’s great because it means there’s no need for manual entry or tedious calculations–you just log into one place where all of this information is stored securely so no one else can access it except yourself!

Drive in High-Demand Cities and Hours

You can make more money if you drive in high-demand cities during the busiest times of day. The most popular rideshare companies are busiest during rush hour, so many drivers find that their earnings increase when they drive between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM. This is because there are more people who need rides home from work, but also because there are fewer available drivers on the road during these times.

Some drivers also make more money by driving in areas with a large number of tourists or college students during weekend nights and evenings (Friday through Sunday). These passengers tend to spend more time in the car than others due to their unfamiliarity with local public transportation options, meaning they have longer trips where they might order food or drinks from inside the vehicle–and tip accordingly!

Finally, some drivers report higher earnings during mid-day hours (10 AM – 2 PM) because there’s less traffic congestion than other parts of the day combined with increased demand for rides due to lunch breaks at nearby businesses like offices and restaurants near downtown districts where many people live close by rather than commute long distances each day.”

Ride sharing is a competitive industry, but it’s still possible to earn over $10K per month.

Ride sharing is a competitive industry, but it’s still possible to earn over $10K per month.

If you’re willing to work hard and be flexible, you can make great money driving for the top ride-sharing companies like Uber or Lyft.

You need to be willing to drive in high-demand cities and hours if you want to earn this much money!


Ride sharing is a competitive industry, but it’s still possible to earn over $10K per month. The key is knowing where the opportunities are and how much they’ll cost you in terms of time investment. If you want to make the most of ride sharing as an income source, then consider signing up with multiple car services so that you can work whenever there’s demand in any given area–beyond just Uber and Lyft!