June 25, 2024

Alta Yousef

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Advantages of Mechanical Pullers

Pullers can be found in hydraulic or mechanical configurations with optional accessories that extend the range of applications and enhance efficiency. The force applied by hydraulics increases the pulling power and decreases the operator’s fatigue.

An essential task for maintenance teams who work in the refining, manufacturing, power generation, and oil and gas sectors is the removal of elements from shafts. This can be a long-winded process that can put maintenance staff at risk with their unconventional approaches.

Pullers can be beneficial to a variety of industries. Here are a few reasons maintenance personnel and reliability experts have placed their faith in pullers that will ensure years of uninterrupted operation, even for the most demanding tasks.


Safety is a top priority for all maintenance supervisors and crew members. This is particularly relevant in the most hazardous situations. Moving a bearing coated in dirt, rust, and grease at the beginning of 5 years can lead to a risky scenario where a single mistake could lead to death. Pullers enable the safe and secure removal of parts from machines using three or more jaws that secure the object when removed from its original position.

With pullers, the user is in charge until the object is released. However, the operator could be in danger even when the object is freed. The release of tension between the puller and the thing triggers acceleration as the object breaks free. The Lock-Grip puller provides an effective solution. The objects are securely controlled when they are removed using the unique locking mechanism, almost eliminating the possibility of a kickback that could be dangerous.

Human resources reduction

The most crucial factor in time efficiency is the lower workforce required for pulling. In the event of maintenance, when pullers aren’t in use in the maintenance process, it is possible to have a whole crew of workers working on getting an object off the shaft.

Mechanical pullers eliminate the requirement for a crane, and an operator or a team to handle the winches is removed. One person can complete the work of three or more using the Mechanical Sync-Grip and Lock-Grip pullers. This allows the workforce to be used in other areas during maintenance, thus cutting down time and time spent on care. Pullers are a must-have tool for professional maintenance across a range of industries. 

Time effectiveness

With no pullers, numerous other methods can be used to remove parts from the shaft. However, they release lengthy, dangerous hammering, torching, and prying techniques. During routine maintenance, when one of these techniques is utilized, the majority of time and energy is spent on what pullers can accomplish quickly and efficiently and without causing harm to the equipment used.

The Sync-Grip and LockGrip pullers can make time more accessible by being transported and easily installed. The pullers can attain maximum efficiency due to the jaws of the pullers that move in unison. This allows the pullers to self-centre, which minimizes the chance of causing injury to the object, the shaft, or the puller. 

The cage of other pullers is hefty and blocks the view when putting the pullers on things. The Lock-Grip puller is a better choice. Lock-Grip puller design, By changing the cage by locking it on the rear of the Lock-Grip puller, you get an additional reach that allows the removal of larger objects.